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How to Activate
How to Activate your Key of Net Protector AntiVirus

Note : Uninstalling the software will not remove the activation code and validity.

Please follow this procedure :

Start  Net Protector, In the Dashboard Tab, click on Validity Info.
In Validity Information screen click on Reset Unlock Code.
How to Activate your Key of Net Protector AntiVirus
Click Yes to confirm. Click on Exit and then restart PC or Exit the Red Tray icon (magnifier).

  If you cant see the above screen then you may download and run this file to Reset your unlock code :

After running this file, click YES and OK. Now exit the Red Tray Icon (magnifier) or
Restart the PC and then launch Net Protector again from the desktop icon / Start Menu as :
Start > Program > Net Protector > Net Protector

Now double click on Net Protector,  You will see a message no activation code is entered and Registration Wizard will come up.

Fill in the correct Key Number (the new one, E-10characters) and enter all the correct details and click on next on each screen.  When you purchase a Net Protector Key, you will receive a separate Key number for each PC. Use 1 Key on 1 PC and make a note of the Machine Name against the Key number.

On the last screen you will see the Installation code in blue colour
(e.g. : HR-D955-233B-9AB2-A4AC-06C2) This code identifies the PC on which you are installing NPAV.

If  your PC has internet connection, you can click on Online Button and the software will be activated for this PC.
Online Activation through Internet Connection
If you are unable to activate your software Online then
Please Call on Activation Phone Numbers, for more details Click Here  
Note : Keep ready your Key Number, Installation Code, PC Name, Your Mobile Number, Email-ID, Your Dealer Name & Call operator for your Unlock Code
please email us with :
  1. Key Number      e.g. G-1234567890
  2. Installation Code     e.g. HR-D955-233B-9AB2-A4AC-06C2
  3. Machine Name        e.g. BO-1
Send this information to / and we will email you with the “Unlock Code” for your PC.

Please make a note of the Key Number, Unlock Code pairs for the respective Machine Names.
Do not interchange / exchange these codes or numbers. In case you format / re-load your OS or re-install NPAV, the same Unlock Code will be still applicable for that PC.