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Net Protector Z Security

Net Protector Z-Security has come up with a new feature "Anti-Ransomware" to safeguard your valuable data.

This Edition has multiple layers of protection against such Ransomware Threats.

eex Web Control
Blocks unwanted sites. Office: Increase productivity of employees Block video & MP3, Torrent.
Drive Backup
Take all Drive Data Backup for Future Use.Easy data restore option.
eex Ransomware LAN Shield
Even if infection is originated on some other endpoint in the network, the data on system with Net Protector will still be protected.
eex Behavior Heuristic Control
NPAV has different heuristic rules which detect and block Ransomware type actions on the system.
eex Tally Backup
Complete Peace of Mind for CAs, Accountants, Companies, Finance Department Automatic Secure Tally Backup Automatic Cloud Backup also optional.
eex Space Analyser
gives you a detailed report of what folders and files are using more drive space. Easily manage your disk space consumption and organize files on your computer or laptop. User can identify large files and folders, and move to another drive to free up drive space. 
Safe Banking
Virtual Keyboard For secure financial transactions on the internet.
Monitors and blocks all malicious incoming and outgoing internet connections.
Unhide Folders and Files
Used to Unhide the Files and Folder from the PC hidden by Malware.

Performance Monitor
Monitor the High usage Process and CPU Usage.High Memory Usage and High CPU Usage processes can be marked.
Advertise Blocker
Protects from malicious Adware and useful to save internet bandwidth , CPU, Memory etc.
Cloud Protection
Scan processes on the cloud to check for file safety.
Data Backup
Automatic Backup of your recently edited Documents for safe keeping against any corruption or ransomware.
Blocks fraudulent bank look-alike pages and login credential stealing links.
Application Control
Block malware programs and application form executing.
Data Leak Prevention
Monitoring, detecting and blocking sensitive data while is-use, in-motion or at-rest.
eex Anti-Ransomware Shield
This will block new and unknown Ransomware from corrupting or encrypting your data files.
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Works on Desktop OS