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25 Solution for Slow PC Slow PC
26 NPAV Rescue Disk Software
23 Hardware Lock / Sentinel Lock on Parallel Port or USB Dongle Lock
Used With: Sign Cutting Software
Flexisign Software / Plotter
Sign Cutting Machine / Printer
Special Software with Hardware Lock
Hardware Lock Problem
21 I see this message : Sub = Time1_Timer : 13 Type Mismatch, How to solve ? 13 Type Mismatch
14 While loading display driver (intel graphics display driver), I get an error "Severe Problem" / "Access Denied" and display driver is not loaded. Display Driver
2 I see files with .vir in my PC, what are these? If I do a thorough scan I keep seeing the same viruses again and again? General
3 I have a laptop, and my PC hangs on startup, how to solve ? Laptop
4 My PC is not getting updated automatically, what may be the reason ? Update
5 I want updates to happen automatically, how do I configure this ? Update
6 If I am on a LAN what is the special care I should take while first time scanning of PCs ? Network Security
7 What steps should an engineer do after installing and activating net protector anti-virus ? General
8 In scan options in Zero-V Scan I see many different Scan buttons like Scan Memory, Scan Windows Folder, Scan Drive or Folder. So do I need to perform all these different Scans ? Scaning
9 After above step, on loading of shield I see a message "Keep Blocking / Unblock... msvcasf " what to do ? General
10 For Laptops loaded with Windows Vista or XP Home Professional please do the following important settings in Net Protector AntiVirus 2007 Laptop
1 I get the error "HHOpen.ocx file is missing or not correctly registered" General
13 Problem in loading Net Protector AntiVirus : 13: Type mismatch Errors
15 What are the steps for Installing Net Protector AntiVirus on Vista Operating System? VISTA
16 My Spyware update date shows it is 3 to 4 days behind from today, Do I need to worry? Spyware Updates
17 I have formatted the PC, and the activation code given to me is not working now what to do? Activation Code
18 I am not able to see Share / Stock Prices on financial sites OR I cannot see videos on YOU Tube or Google Video? Web Site Problem
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