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NPAV Rescue Disk
  Steps for preparing the NPAV Rescue Disk

You need Windows 7 or Windows Vista Operating System to prepare the
NPAV Rescue Disk

Follow the Steps :

1. Download the file NPBoot.zip which are the Rescue Boot Files
File Size = 125 MB
Download Links
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

2. Run the ResQLic.exe which will create the license file for Rescue Disk Scanner.

3. Download and Run the Rescue Disk Wizard :
a. Unzip / Extract the npboot.zip on your desktop or any other folder
b. In rescue disk wizard browse to the folder with the unzipped file
c. Place an empty CD in the CD-Writer or DVD Writer
d. The latest updates and scanner will be copied to the Rescue Disk

4. Change the Boot Sequence in your BIOS / Setup to boot from CD / DVD Drive

5. After booting from Rescue Disk, Click on Scan PC in the scanner
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