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I had installed 15-Days Demo Verison which expired, Now I uninstalled and installed 1 Year License Version but still i get message "Subscription has expired"?
  The validity of the DEMO code is saved in the registry and it will not be removed even after uninstall / re-install of software.

Please follow any one procedure :

1. Browse the Net Protector CD :
Locate the file "Reset_Unlock_Code.reg"
Double click this file, and click "YES" and "OK"

Now restart PC and run Net Protector again.
It will show you "Registration Wizard" screen.
In this screen enter the new license number and activate software over internet or by PHONE.


2. Double click Net Protector CD to view the Autorun Menu
In Autorun menu click on "RENEW" button.
Restart PC. And run antivirus.
You will see "Registration Wizard Screen"
Enter new license number and activate over phone or click on ONLINE.

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