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Solution for Slow PC
  Seven Steps to Make your PC Fast.

1. Windows Start > Run > Msconfig
Click on "Startup" - Disable All.
Tick "emailscn" or "zvmount" or "Net Protector" Related Items
Click on OK. Restart PC Later

2. Delete folder c:\zv
Open > My Computer >> C: >> Select and Delete "ZV" Folder
The folder will be re-created again but do not worry.

3. Delete Temp Files
Start > Net Protector > System Tuner > Delete Temp Files
Click on Empty

4. ZVFort - Make it OFF
Net Protector > Protection Tab > ZV Fort Protection
Make it OFF (Red Cross)

5. Change the Daily Scan Schedule to Weekly Scan
Right Click Red Tray Icon > Scheduler
Click on Full Virus Scan - Click Edit Button
Change Daily to Weekly
Click on OK
Scanning is not required daily because Net Protector Shield is Protecting your PC

6. Net Protector > Settings > Startup
Untick - Scan Memory on Startup
Untick - Scan PC on Startup

7. Scheduler - Malware Scanner - Schedule - make it off.

RESTART PC After Doing Above Steps

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