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NPAV Rescue Disk
  Steps for preparing the NPAV Rescue Disk

You need Windows 7 or Windows Vista Operating System to prepare the
NPAV Rescue Disk

Follow the Steps :

1. Download the file which are the Rescue Boot Files
File Size = 125 MB
Download Links
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

2. Run the ResQLic.exe which will create the license file for Rescue Disk Scanner.

3. Download and Run the Rescue Disk Wizard :
a. Unzip / Extract the on your desktop or any other folder
b. In rescue disk wizard browse to the folder with the unzipped file
c. Place an empty CD in the CD-Writer or DVD Writer
d. The latest updates and scanner will be copied to the Rescue Disk

4. Change the Boot Sequence in your BIOS / Setup to boot from CD / DVD Drive

5. After booting from Rescue Disk, Click on Scan PC in the scanner
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