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Updating NP-AV
Updating Net Protector Anti-Virus

Automatic updates of anti-virus start in the background if you connect to the internet for more than 10 minutes. Update of Virus Database and Malware Database is a separate process.

Update Type Program Name Frequency
Update Virus Database Update Zero-V Daily
Update Malware Database Update NP every 15 Days

Update can also be performed by following methods :
  1. Update from Direct Internet :
    Use this method if your PC is directly connected to the Internet.

  2. Update from Internet through Proxy :
    If you are on a network and internet is shared through a proxy software like - Analog Proxy, Proxyplus, Winproxy, Wingate etc.

  3. Update from LAN / Network Path :
    One central PC downloads the updates from Internet and acts as a update server.
    Other nodes download update file from this PC. You will have to share this folder on the main PC :
    C:\Program Files\Net Protector 2015\ZvScan\ZVupdate

  4. Update using latest Update CD :
    Request your dealer for a free update CD. From the CD Autorun menu choose

  5. Offline Update using Zvupdate.dat file
    You can download or copy this file and update from this file using update zero-v.
    Configure for Update from Network Path / Folder.

You can access the important options
by right clicking Red Tray Icon

Update Icon
Blue Triangular icon in the tray icon indicates that update is in progress in background.